Paul's Personal Project 2012 - 2013
Paul's Personal Project         2012 - 2013


On this website, you can find all the information needed to understand the content of Paul's Personal Project and the experiences gained through the Personal Project.
Information on the IB and MYP Personal Project can be discovered through visiting the website of the International Baccalaureate Organization and the Berlin Brandenburg International School (The respective links can be found in the "Interact With Us" section). A fundamental and in-depth description of my personal project is given in the additional pages on this website. The personal project process journal will be available for download on a PDF document to follow my timeline/plan, thinking process, activities and future investigations. My timeline/plan including time management and activity will be displayed and updated frequently.

This website also contains links to my personal Facebook profile in cooperation with the website of the charity organization "Familienschutzwerk". The eBay platform will be linked thus anyone who is interested to join the auction starting in the evening of Feb. 21 can go there (more on that in the description page or in my PDF Process Journal). All information can be found on the respective additional pages linked to the main website.