Paul's Personal Project 2012 - 2013
Paul's Personal Project         2012 - 2013

PC and Components

In my personal project, I am constructing a high performance gaming computer with selected components and hardware. The components are highly matched and will therefore ensure a superior gaming experience. However, the characteristics of this professional computer are also of excellent choice for video editing, mathematical simulations and modeling since it is designed for high speed and great performance. 

I prefer to source the different components from the following manufacturers, depending on the willingness to support and sponsor my project. The company that actively contributes by sponsoring my hardware will receive a place in the list of donators/sponsors. These companies will be listed with name and their sponsorship. 


The building process will embark on Sunday the 17th of February thus the computer can be ready for the upcoming sales auction.



The High - Performance PC

The High - Performance Gaming Computer has been built and is ready for the sales auction on eBay for Charity. Included in the computer are: an Intel Core i7-3960x CPU, a SMART M85OW Power Unit, a Constellation ST3000NCO2 3TH Hard Drive, a Water Performer 2.0 Cooling System, a Chaser MT-I Computer Housing, a P9X79 Mainboard, a DIMM 32 GB DDR3 - 1600 Quad- Kits RAM Unit, a PX - 256M5P 2,5 SSD 256 GB Solid State Drive, a GTX 660 TI-DC2-2GD5 Graphic Card and a LG BH16NS40 Blu-Ray Slot 12x, Serial ATA. The computer is running with a Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System.

Together with these components that were included in the building process, the computer has a value of over 2,900 Euro. The computer has been sold on the 3rd of March for 2,760 Euro with 1,700 Euro going to charity.



Used Components and Prices

These are all of the parts that are included in the assembling of the professional gaming computer. The components marked in red, have been donated. The remaining parts have been bought using private expendature.



Constellation ST3000NC02 3TB (Hard Drive)                  179, 90€

Water Performer 2.0 (Cooling System)                          69, 90€

Intel Core i7-3960x (CPU)                                            939, 00€

SMART M85OW (Power Unit)                                         109, 90€

Chaser MT-I (PC Housing)                                            104, 90€


P9X79 (Motherboard / Mainboard)                                229, 90€

DIMM 32 GB DDR3-1600 Quad-Kits (RAM)                     214, 90€

PX-256M5P 2,5" SSD 256 GB (Solid state Drive)            222, 90€

GTX660TI-DC2-2GD5 (Graphic Card)                            284, 00€

LG BH16NS40 Blu-Ray Slot 12x, Serial ATA                    82, 95€

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit                         259,00€


Overall Computer Value                                             2896,82€




Additional Accessories with a value of 200€, have been donated by Tt eSports.



Shock Gaming Headset Spin                                         59, 90€


Saphira Gaming Mouse                                                 28, 90€


Conkor Gaming Mouse Pro                                            15, 77€


Meka G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard                           94, 95€